Our rates are $40 per hour

We bill at a rate of $40 per hour in 15 minute increments. That means if the task only takes 45 minutes, we only bill you for 45 minutes and don’t round up to the nearest hour.

We bill on a task based schedule. Everything we do here at Santa Cruz Digital Marketing can be broken down into specific tasks. Your invoice will have a list of dates, time worked, task performed and how long the task took.

We will discuss what tasks you need done and how long each task might take. We then do the tasks and bill you for them. This method of billing allows you to see what exactly you are paying for and how long it took to do.

Billing Example

This is an actual bill from a client. It includes the date and time the work was done, how many hours each task took and a detailed break down of what tasks were completed.

Project Billing Time Examples:

  • Website – Create from scratch including URL registration and getting the site hosted by a 3rd party – 3 hours
  • Create/resize graphics using existing photos – 15 minutes
  • Creating a Facebook page for your business – 1 hours
  • Create branded video Intro with music for clients existing YouTube videos – 1 hour

We Teach You What You Need to Know to Do It Yourself

As a owner of a small business, we know that you are looking to cut costs. We are here to help. We will teach you the basics so you can update your WordPress website yourself. We will teach you the tips and tricks of social media and show you tools to help you manage your accounts yourself. We will help you to create a manageable strategy for content creation. We will help you get started blogging and/or creating YouTube videos. We can teach you how to best leverage these assets for your content marketing strategy. We will do this all for our standard rate of $40 an hour. We believe in empowering the small business owner to take charge of their digital properties just as much as you take charge of other aspects of your physical business.

Drop us an email at santacruzdigitalmarketing@gmail.com for a FREE consultation and quote.

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